Welcome to Green Power Solutions

Green Power Solutions is a suburban Chicago-based provider of energy conservation solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Using a variety of renewable and energy-efficient products, GPS has worked with businesses throughout the Chicagoland area towards the goal of creating a more energy-efficient America. With our team of highly-trained sales representatives and rebate experts, GPS will work with your company to provide the best possible solution to reduce your energy usage and increase your bottom line.

Additionally, Green Power Solutions has partnered with EnergySmart Homes, builders of Net-Zero Energy Communities across the nation. As a member of the EnergySmart Cooperative, GPS is responsible for, among other things, the design and installation of geothermal HVAC systems, solar array installation, and installation of the wind turbines that have become the hallmark of EnergySmart subdivisions.

Take the Initiative towards Energy Independence and contact Green Power Solutions today.